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Internship Opportunities

Interns have been an important piece of our story at Courage for years. Every semester we accept new students from accredited universities to pass along the extensive knowledge that we have to offer. Our internship program provides individuals with meaningful and challenging projects that allow for the further development of a professional career path. 

Intern with a horse.

We accept:

1. BSW level students of Social Work, Psychology, Occupational Therapy, and more. 

2. Individuals hoping to gain and expand their professional experience working with clients under direct supervision

3. Students hoping to gain experience providing animal-assisted activities and practices.



1. Email and ask for more information about our internship program. 

2. Talk to your field placement advisor (if applicable) about using Courage TRC as your internship placement. We provide supervision, meet with professors, and fill out paperwork to ensure our interns and their professors have everything they need. 


A client in an equine-therapy session.
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