Hank is a 21-year-old American Paint Horse gelding. He spent his younger years in Louisiana as a show halter horse. Halter horses are known for their proportional and well-defined muscling, balanced conformation, and short backs. Coincidentally, these characteristics also make for a great therapeutic riding horse. Hank moved from owner to owner, settling in Arkansas, where he was used as a mounted shooting horse. The sound of the guns never bothered him, but he was too slow to compete. Hank was put out to pasture for over 7 years, where he was found by his forever owner. He transitioned easily into the world of therapeutic riding. Hank is known to change his demeanor based on the needs of his rider or handler. He is calm, collected, sure footed, and thoughtful. Thank you, Hank, for your sweet and gentle nature!


Abby is a 17-year-old palomino racking horse mare. Racking horses are another type of gaited horse. Their lateral movement and single footfalls cause there to be an overall even weight distribution when the horse moves at any speed. This makes for a smooth ride that is perfect for children who are less confident in their abilities to ride a "bouncy" horse. Abby spent her younger years flashy in the show ring, enjoying her pre-show baths, grooming, and braiding. She has done therapeutic riding for children with special needs and worked with large groups of people. Her bold yet dainty personality and golden locks tend to capture attention quickly. Thanks, Abby, for your bright and shining spirit!


Rain is a sorrel, spotted 9-year-old appaloosa and quarter horse mare. This young mare was imprinted at birth by her owner in order to prepare her for the therapy world. Her training has influenced her to be a gentle and soft horse to work with for children, youth at risk, and those with special needs. Rain is slow and steady, specializing in groundwork, walk-trot lessons, and private sessions. She enjoys working at liberty and spending time with people in general. This horse can show her strong-willed personality in the best ways, teaching individuals the confidence necessary to be good leaders. Scratches, petting, and continued love from her riders is all Rain needs to happily meet her handlers at the gate each day before private sessions begin. Thanks, Rain, for your continued dedication and unique, playful personality!


Barbee is a gray 19-year-old American Quarter Horse mare. She had a bit of a rocky start as a two-year-old with a rough human hand. After receiving an injury while at training, she was turned out to pasture and received very little handling until she was 12 years old. Her past has made her a perfect horse to assist with private sessions with youth at risk, focusing on groundwork and body language. This mare is extremely reflective of her environment and the energy of her handlers, offering a special unbiased and honest opinion of them. Barbee is gentle, kind, well-mannered, and has the softest touch when investigating unfamiliar people. Considering her past, she exemplifies the resilience we see in a lot of young people searching for their path in life. She shows her handlers trust, willingness, and how fear and anxiety can be overcome with focus and heart. Thanks, Barbee - the confidence and leadership skills you have helped children and young adults develop cannot be priced!


Annabelle is a 13-year-old Appaloosa/Arab cross. Not a lot is known about Annabelle's past. Annabelle's owner died unexpectedly and she was moved to a new location along with her 3-day-old foal. Unfortunately, she and her foal were not given adequate care, and their health deteriorated. After being rescued, both mare and foal gained enough strength to begin their training separately. After significant rehab, Annabelle's health improved. Her foal is showing the same resilience. Annabelle continues to inspire us with her loving disposition and constant curiosity. Annabelle has never failed to rise to the occasion when it comes to equine-assisted activities. Thank you, Annabelle, for your loyalty, trust, and forgiving nature.


Dolly is an 22-year-old quarter horse mare. She spent her younger years as a reliable mount for children at play days and rodeos across Northwest Arkansas. Dolly is slow and steady, making her an ideal equine partner for younger children and individuals who may require that extra soft touch. Dolly is a first horse for many riders, boosting confidence in horsemanship skills with her gentle nature. Thank you, Dolly, for your peaceful spirit.


Lucky is an 13-year-old foundation bred quarter horse. He began his career as a halter horse and progressed to endurance riding. A new rider obtained Lucky and they began dressage and jumping. Due to an injury during his endurance days, Lucky preferred to keep his feet on the ground. "Lucky" for us, this trait makes Lucky a great therapy horse! He is a kind and honest horse with a heart of gold. Lucky excels with all demographics and works well in groups or individually. Thank you Lucky, for sharing your kind soul with everyone at Courage TRC.  


Stormy is a 19-year-old Welsh pony. She had a long and illustrious career as a show-jumper. Stormy taught many young riders about discipline, patience, perseverance, and respect while taking them through the paces of the hunter/jumper show circuit. Courage was delighted when we got the call asking if we had room in our herd for this special white unicorn. She has many more years to offer her magic. Thank you Stormy, for letting us share this next quest with you. 


Romeo is a 20-year-old paint gelding. Not much is known about his past until he was donated to the University of Arkansas Equine Program for the Razorback Roundup first in 2012 and again in 2013. Romeo was purchased in 2013 and then later donated back to his student trainer, Lexie Kerr, Courage Co-Founder and Instructor. A fun fact about Romeo is that he was born with jet black paint spots! Romeo now participates in therapeutic riding, ground activities, and group sessions. He loves playing in the water trough and with the hose. Curious, intelligent, quirky, and charismatic are a few of Romeo’s loudest characteristics. Thanks Romeo, for showing us it's okay to be different.  

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